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With modern advancements in restorative dental materials’ technology, you don’t have to have your teeth treated for cavities using unattractive metal fillings. White, or composite, tooth coloured dental fillings offer you a very natural looking way to repair or enhance your smile.

Using malleable tooth coloured resins, our dentists can treat dental caries (cavities) by filling them in, once thoroughly cleaned of decay, with a dental filling that forms to the cavity, while looking completely natural. Those who have had cavities filled-in using metal fillings can opt to have them replaced with custom-coloured, white, tooth coloured fillings in as little as one dental appointment.

The dental team at Downtown Dental Associates, located at 181 University Ave., Toronto, M5H 3M7, offers highly attractive and durable composite dental fillings that are customized to match the the colour and texture of rest of your smile. White dental fillings are polished, smoothed and matched to your teeth’s natural shade. The high-quality fillings are also plaque-resistant, which can help prevent dental cavities.

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