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Commonly known as a “dental cap”, a dental crown is applied to an individual, damaged tooth, rendering your once-damaged tooth’s entire visible surface into the dental crown’s exterior. This is done in order to enhance the strength, structure and appearance of a damaged / stained tooth. Because a dental crowns will cover your entire tooth, it will become your tooth’s new outer, visible, surface.


Dental crowns are highly versatile and can be applied for many different restorative applications, such as:


  • Protecting a weak tooth

  • Getting a gold tooth

  • Holding together a cracked tooth

  • Restoring a severely worn down tooth

  • Covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t much of its tooth’s structure left

  • Supporting and keeping a dental bridge in place

  • Covering a dental implant


If you’re suffering from dental complications, Downtown Dental Associates is always happy to speak to your concerns. We offer customized solutions for your dental needs and we would be happy to discuss your dental health.


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