4 Myths And Facts About Sleep Apnea

Thanks to the internet, the amount of available information for sleep apnea has increased dramatically. More people know about it and the medical community has taken great measures to raise awareness about the condition. Approximately 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and it’s important for people to learn the facts so we can deal… Read more »

What’s The Best Age For Braces?

A question parents frequently ask is “When should my child get braces?” Often the answer isn’t that simple. 2 equally qualified orthodontists will likely give you a different answer. To complicate matters more, they may differ on their treatment plans as well. So why this disparity? And what should you do? While there is no… Read more »

How to Instantly Cure Bad Breath

Imagine, you’re sitting at the restaurant with your gorgeous new date. You’re both laughing and having a great time. Everything is going perfectly. When it suddenly hits you… Your breath smells! Maybe it was the onions you ate for lunch. Or the maybe it was the coffee you had after work. But you know at… Read more »

And we are.. BACK TO SCHOOL

Ah September, a parent’s favourite time of the year! Kids are back to school and returning to their routines. The next challenge, lunches! The objective is to find; nut free, low fat, low sugar, low acid, low sodium and non sticky options. No small feat by any means! Unfortunately, diabetes and obesity are on the rise, making it… Read more »

Oral Health And Mental Health – Is There A Connection?

Good oral health not only improves your overall health, it enhances your self-image and quality of life. But does your oral health also impact your mental health? And vise versa? Is there a correlation? The answer isn’t so simple. Research shows people with mental health problems are less likely to focus on their oral health… Read more »