Spring Clinic 2016…Another successful year!

The skies are clear, the birds are chirping (not like they really left to begin with) and the flowers are starting to bloom! Spring is here!
So is the Annual Spring Meeting 2016 for all dental professionals everywhere! At this time every year, dental professionals – dentists, hygienist, dental assistants, administration teams, surgeons, etc.- come together and celebrate the amazing profession! Lecturers all over the map teach new innovations of the year, new studies and continuing growth of the dental science! It’s a day that we learn about what’s new to provide you with the best care possible!
Continuing education is very important for us here at Downtown Dental so we can bring the best to our patients.
This is also a day, where we let loose and network with other people as well. Fun, laughter and great weather = awesome!

Thank you to Henry Schein Dental and Patterson Dental for inviting us to the Customer Appreciation Night! We had a blast!

Another service we can provide? How to take a selfie :) Dr. Mohajer will be glad to show you the dos and don’ts of a proper one! Haha.

All in all, it was great week for the team! We can’t wait to bring back all the things we learned!

Signing Off,

– The DtDental Squad #squadgoals

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